Susan is a third generation photographer. Her grandfather was an early film distributor and developer for Kodak and studied under Carl Hans Koch. The first camera she used was her mother's brand new Canon AE-1 in 1976. Those early lessons were directed towards composition and understanding the conditions of the scene to determine lighting and exposure.

Lessons that became part of a knowledge-base that served her in Print, Media & Public Relations and Web Design work for almost thirty years: Encompassing an early start at 17 as assistant to the busiest Wedding & Portrait photographers of Palm Beach County, Florida, to independant visual projects on a variety of subject matter, including documenting the successful political campaign of a congressman in Sonora, Mexico.

She lives in Penzance Cornwall and is active in several literary and arts organisations, including the Penzance Literary Festival and a biweekly community radio program Words are all We Have on PenwithRadio Live. Contact: eMail at sglover [at]