About The Process

proc·ess (n) 1. a series of actions directed toward a particular aim / 2. a series of natural occurrences that produce change or development | (v) 1. vt to treat or prepare something in a series of steps or actions / 2. vt to treat light-sensitive film or paper with chemicals in order to make a latent image visible / 3 vt to discuss the interpersonal dynamics and emotional content of an event or situation / 4. vt to straighten curly hair using lye

Everything is about the process: what we do, why we feel, where we live; from the basics that make up the foundations of our lives we develop who we are.

I live in a small seaside town just outside Penzance, Cornwall. Coming here has been its own event, staying here may become another. (As was returning to this Country!) Years -decades- of living in places where language and culture was an adventure experienced and embraced, to return and find my own native land was a more foreign place, and its language even more so.

There was a time when I felt dislocated, itself a new experience. My naïve assumption that I would find a corresponding place in this land that I could call “home” suffered a setback. It was this dislocation that prompted me to pick up the camera again, pick up the pen again, and set on a new journey; to discover this country: One Hill at a Time!

I live in Cornwall, I am a photographer, I am a poet and … I have curly hair.

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