These are more like answers I’m discovering as I maneuvre and configure this blogging platform!

  • How to comment. And why is it so awkward?
  • The default fault antispam features are pretty surreal! I discovered that adding the ubiquitous “xxx” (which is such a MySpacey/FBooky thing) resulted in my comment being considered Spam! On my own Blog! I suppose in the big wide world of web Triple X means something else ;) So … you can comment as long as you provide the required details or you can elect to Register/Login and create a user account on my blog. Privileges are pretty stringent right now until I am more au fait with the platform. If you want to associate an Avatar, you can create a Gravatar account for your email addy and it should become associated with quite a few internet venues.

    07/09/11 - Because that’s all changed too. I’m using a comment feed powered by FaceBook. Simple! Log in with your FB, Yahoo, Hotmail or AOL … AOL? They still around? … and erm … Comment!

  • OOPS! No Avatars
  • I’ve disabled them temporarily until I can get them to layout in a more pleasant fashion!

  • Avatars are back! … You’re a Robot!
  • -28/08/11- Styled the comments to look less “WWW” and found a great free icon site. Robot icon courtesy of Iconshock. If you want your own, get that Gravatar. Otherwise … you’re a [robot] until I change the Default.

  • There’s been some changes made!
  • Sometimes the best changes are the ones you don’t notice but make everything easier! I want to thank my first “readers” and the comments they made in the early stages. However, they may notice that those comments are gone! Well, not quite, I have them on backup. But the biggest change (though the least obvious) is that I have a newer engine under this hood[bonnet]! Provided by the folks over at Quam Plures: These dragons are dreamers of the best kind: they dream and then … they Do!

  • How can you be notified of a new post?
  • If you’re up with RSS (or down with it) then you know that answer. For those that don’t RSS but want to have their inbox littered with emails saying I’ve waffled on again, hit the Register/Log In link under Reader Preferences in the right hand sidebar and … do what’s intuitive (but do it nicely) … If you were one of my early readers, erm … you’ll have to do it again as there were … some changes made B)

  • *Is Your Info Safe if you Comment?*
  • In order to make it easier for people to comment I use a Third Party controlled commenting system that will allow the reader to use their profiles from sites like FaceBook, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. Be assured … I have ZERO ACCESS to the login details. All that is passed back to your profile settings and this site is a mutual acceptance that you wish to comment using your chosen profile. Nuff said :)

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