The Network

Last week, I caught the tail end of BBC's five-episode "Picture Power", radio interviews with five different photojournalists. Delicious irony that radio can do more to describe photography in ways that photography can't. Mike Goldwater was sharing… more »

Tool Time: Actioni contrariam semper

I know I just posted a horrendously long waffle on why what matters is the photograph you take and not what you used to make it.The wonderful thing about photography is it is a craft analogous to Newton's Laws of Motion: principally the Third Law "T… more »

An Explanation is in Order

"Never explain yourself"Strength can come from the most unlikely places if we can only see it for what it is. That quote was from a photographer that I spent more years in a feud with then not. We had a lot of awful things to say about each other (an… more »

The First Post: Retrograde Web Choices

Recently ... we hosted a two-hour special "What is Photography" inspired by personal desires to define what it is we hope to express via the medium in real, tangible and practical ways more »