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Susan Glover

Photography and the Black Art [Printmaking]

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My Lockdown Life

Life-As-It-Is-Now has inspired! For anyone to use to start their own Lockdown Life Diary, I’ve made a free set of templates from some drawings. Please feel free to download, use, reuse, and -absolutely- please share this on any platform. Web Preview (Hover/click to navigate pages)  

Cyanotype Day One: New Things, Old Things, Good Things

There was a buzz in the Scott Building at Plymouth Uni. A new cohort, new looks, new ways of doing things. I was there to meet with our External Examiner Guy Moreton; one of the last details to grace the culmination of the degree. Well, that and the upcoming final show in the newly re-named

The Landscape Looks Back: One

the desert It’s terrifying was my first thought. We were driving into the edges of the Mojave Desert on the Arizona-California border, looking up at the sharp edges of granitic up thrusts, blasted and sheared into the walls and channel of an excavated hill. The view expanded to an endless surge of stone in its

The Network Photographers Agency

NB. This is a post pulled from my archives (seven years old). Happily, The Network Photographers Agency –and its rich history– has found a home online at Network Photographers Online. Last week, I caught the tail end of BBC Radio 4’s five-episode “Picture Power”, radio interviews with five different photojournalists. Delicious irony that radio can

The First Post: Retrograde Web Choices

Some years ago on The Foundation (a BlogTalkRadio Poetry and Arts show I co-hosted with Larry Kuechlin -the poet behind Alabaster & Mercury) we hosted a two-hour special “What is Photography?” inspired by personal desires to define what it is we hope to express via the medium in real, tangible, and practical ways. How photography